Gorjana Bungalow

West coast casual meets east coast polish in the Gorjana Bungalow. Founded in 2004, Gorjana is a local Laguna Beach lifestyle brand that has developed into a global accessories company, known for their fashionable, socially conscious, and high quality jewelry for men and women. This modern yet comfortable setting mixes playful nautical elements with contemporary furnishings in the design aesthetic inherent of the Gorjana name.

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photo of green and pink couches and black and white striped wallpaper


photo of green couch and chairs in living room of xs bungalow

tiki Bungalow

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photo of white couch and coffee table in billabong bungalow

Billabong Bungalow

A surfer’s paradise in Laguna Beach. Founded in 1973, Billabong has become an international brand known for their surf, skate, snow, and wakeboarding apparel. Guests can relax in this laid-back bungalow and soothing color palette of ocean blues and sunset oranges with reclaimed wood accents and surreal surfing artwork practically riding the walls.

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photo of fox room with leather chair and beach view

The Fox Racing Bungalow

This ultimate man cave was designed by the most popular motocross apparel brand in the word today, FOX HEAD, INC. Building their business by developing clothing for the high-intensity, physically demanding sport, the brand expanded into surfing and snowboarding in 2006 and has been an ongoing fan of the PEH. This dark and masculine bungalow boasts classic leather couches, animal skin rugs, and black and white photography for the ultimate biker boy experience

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